Beautiful Creatures Book and Movie Differences

The Beautiful Creatures story was developed into a movie in early 2013 which received mixed reviews from those who had previously read the book.
I actually watched the movie before I read the book and therefore may be coming from a different perspective regarding the differences between the book and movie. I think both have their good and less-good aspects, I prefer the book due to the story making more sense the way it is all 'stitched' together. I thoroughly enjoyed the character Ethan though in the movie and loved the humour that was added into it.

Here's a run-down of the differences between the book and the movie for anyone who's wondering which to spend the time reading/watching (WARNING: spoilers are included as all differences are listed including the ending) and for those who want a remember before they read the second book in the series, Beautiful Darkness.

Character Differences

Book Movie
Basketball player and all-around high school popular kid. He's craving to get out of Gatlin and is looking for something or someone to provide some kind of break from the mundaneness that is his small Southern town.
Popular kid who's 'in' with the 'in-crowd'. He's been dating Emily Asher a 'DAR' girl. No mention of playing basketball but there is a scene in which he's prepping for a track and field session. Wants to leave Gatlin and go to college.
Drives a black hearse, carries around a notebook and writes in it regularly, wears all her sentimental 'trinkets' on a necklace.

Drives a yellow VW beetle, still writes but seems to be confined to her bedroom walls, no 'trinket' necklace.
Dream stealing Incubus who is Lena's guardian and chooses to be light for Lena's benefit.

Magical and knowledge of the Caster community but never explained as to what his powers are or what he is.
Amma is a 'carer/helper' towards Ethan and his family. Crossword enthusiast and a 'Seer' who's family have been aware and helping the Casters in Gatlin for centuries. Marian is the Gatlin librarian and 'Keeper' for the Caster library. She was also Ethan's mother's best friend and research partner.

The characters of Amma and Marian are connected into on 'Amma' who is still a 'Seer' and acts as a guardian to Ethan. She is also the Gatlin librarian and Caster library 'Keeper'. No mention of her love for crosswords. 
Blonde 'cheerleader type' who is a Siren and can control people through her 'lollipop powers', especially men or boys! She's Lena's cousin, although they were more like sisters, and is a Dark Caster.

Sophisticated, manipulative dark haired Siren Dark Caster who's Lena's cousin. A lot more 'classier' and 'travelled' than described in the book.
Ethan's Mum & Dad
Mother died in an unexplainable accident, had been 'friends' with Macon. Ethan's father is present but 'lost' after the mother's death. He comes out occasionally from his office.

Mother died in accident, had been 'friends' with Macon. Only brought up once or twice in conversation. Ethan's father is a complete 'shut-away'. He is never seen.
Missing Characters
Lena's cousin Ryan, who is able to 'read' people and their intentions through a single look.
Boo Radley, Macon's wolf-like dog, who acts as his eyes during the day. Follows Lena around.
Ethan's three aunts and their cat Lucille.

All missing from the movie adaption.

Storyline Differences

Book Movie
Deleted Scenes
Lena's birthday party.
Ridley aiding Ethan's father to launch himself off a balcony with her Siren ways.
Snow ball school dance
Added Scenes
When Sarafine appears to Macon in the church during the town meeting about Lena after the window smashing incident.
Ethan's magical experiences at Ravenwood - His near death after a run-in with one of Macon's protection spells on the house and Macon's magical methods of retrieving Ethan's subconscious thoughts of his future.
Ridley's claiming scene.
Changed Storyline Aspects in the Movie that differ in the Book
No 'Sixteen Moons' song.
No mention of the 'strong' bond between Lena and Ethan that allows them to telepathically communicate 'Kelting' and Ethan feels like he's catching fire and losing breath when they kiss for a long period of time.The locket is less of a lead but rather just a background information prop, The locket doesn't lead them to finding the 'Book of Moons' and Genevieve's grave.
No mention of the consequences of Lena's choice between the Dark and the Light, the death of the non-chosen side 'Light /Dark' family members. The movie also states that she has no choice and is cursed to go Dark no matter what because of the curse brought on my Genevieve's previous actions.
In the movie Ethan is spelt to forget everything he has experiences and felt for Lena due to the implications of breaking the curse via 'losing a loved one'. Thus the whole scene where he 'remembers' Lena by the goodbye sign at the end of the movie is not in the book.
Completely different ending, in the book Ethan actually dies from a knife wound inflicted by Sarafine and Lena uses the Book of Moons to bring him back just like Genevieve did in the past and this is how Macon dies rather than the movies 'change of appearance' reason for Macon's death.

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