Booktuber Interview with Jamie-Leigh from jhaughn18 (Interview #4)

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It's Wednesday again and I have another Blogger/BookTuber Interview for you. This time around I would like to introduce you to Jamie-Leigh from jhaughn18 (Ermahgerd Berks). Jamie-Leigh is one of the funniest BookTubers I've come across and the videos with both her boyfriend and her have me in stitches! Here are Jamie-Leigh's answers to my questions and don't forget to check out her channel and say I sent you!

Hi Jamie-Leigh, please describe your channel and the type of books which you enjoy reading.

My channel is all about books! I focus mainly on Tag videos and wrap ups and I always have book hauls! My boyfriend Jeff and I are always on the hunt for books in used book stores and we each have book buying problems so there is never a shortage of hauls! I personally enjoy reading YA novels, I would have to say my favorite genres are Fantasy and Dystopian, but really I will read pretty much anything! Jeff focuses on adult fiction, his favourite being fantasy!

What made you decide to start your channel and what are the main reasons you keep making videos?
After finishing up 6 years of university and only having time to read textbooks and research papers it was like a breath of fresh air to get back into reading books that I enjoyed. I was so out of the loop about knowing what books were popular and had good reviews so I turned to booktubers to give me the updates. After I started reading more I really wanted to start making videos of my own, because I quite enjoy talking. I continue to make the videos because I have fun doing them! The booktube community is so amazing and I have come to know so many people and have made friends from all over the world, fantastic people I never would have had the opportunity to get to know if it weren’t for booktube.

What is your favourite book?
I have a few favourites, I can never choose one of anything! I love The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins, Divergent by Veronica Roth, and Before I Go To Sleep by S.J. Watson. I suppose those would be my favourites if I had to narrow it down! I love the worlds in both the Hunger Games and Divergent, both books are so captivating and have just the right amount of romance, they both feature a strong female lead and the stories had me hooked from the beginning. Before I Go To Sleep is just so intense and different from the books I typically read, it kept me on edge, it was interesting and really just wonderful.

If you could read one genre for the rest of your life, which genre would you choose?
I would probably choose fantasy. I think that with fantasy the possibilities are endless, and you can have so many different stories and characters and creatures and all that good stuff. I also love the adventure aspect of fantasy and I love a fast paced book, so I think I would have to choose fantasy!

If you could live in any book world created, which would you choose?
The obvious choice would be Harry Potter, who wouldn’t want to live in that magical world! I think it really is the ultimate choice!

What has been your best/favourite booktubing moment so far and why?
I would say my best booktubing moment was when I was watching a live chat that Heather from Bookables and I said hello during it and she said “Oh jhaughn18! I love your videos!” and I was so happy because she was the first booktuber I ever watched and she recognized me and it was just really cool. [Found the spot in the video for you Jamie-Leigh so you can watch it over and over again - Funnily enough this is actually how I found out about your channel :-) Jamie-Leigh's shout out from Heather aka Bookables]. 

Where do you store/show-off your books and how many do you own in total?
Jeff and I have 4 main bookshelves in our living room. They are packed as full as we can get them, we like to have them out in the open for everyone to see! We would really love to have a whole room that is just a library some day! We also have bookshelves in our bedroom, home office and dining room! I have over 400 books and Jeff has about the same! We haven’t counted them all recently! But never enough!

Where is your usual place to read and what would your dream reading place look like?
I usually read in bed, most days that’s the only time I have for reading! Someday I would love to have a huge porch with a nice coushiny chair or porch swing, that would be great for reading!

Lastly, which blogs/channels can we usually find you stalking when you're not creating content for your own channel?
I have a few booktubers that I watch and never miss a video! I love Bookables, PriceIsWong, bethjune327, xObsessedReaderx, BooksAreLovex3, KimberleysBookNook, JesseTheReader, LittleBookOwl, WhittyNovels, katytastic, MarlinElina and of course ColdTeaAndCrumbs! If I don’t have time to watch their videos I will always put them in my watch later folder so I never miss a video. All are fantastic in their own ways! 
As for blogs, I really only check on Cold Tea and Crumbs, bookables (tumblr) and SpecialEdition87 (Tumblr) which is a friend of mine who works for Simon and Shuster, her blog isn’t all book related but I really enjoy what she puts up! 
Thanks! :D Jamie-Leigh xoxo


A big thank you to Jamie-Leigh for taking the time to answer my questions. I would thoroughly enjoy reading on her porch in the summer. I also must check out Before I Go To Sleep as that sounds interesting! Thank you so much to Jamie-Leigh once again and don't forget to check out her channel or if you enjoyed this interview just click the red subscribe button above to have her videos show up in your YouTube subscriptions page.

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See you all then. x

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