Super Six Sunday - Most Original World Building

Hi guys. Did you know I've never done a Super Six Sunday post before!

I love reading these weekly posts on all the blogs that I follow but have never actually done one myself.  Seeing as though this weeks theme was 'Most Original World Building' Books, I couldn't help but complete my own post featuring my Top 6. I did however find it hard to just pick 6!

The Knife of Never Letting Go
Patrick Ness

The world building in this book is so original and is something I have never encountered in any other book! A world where men can hear each others thoughts and women are no longer around. When Todd encounters a girl from another planet he then releases that he cannot hear her thoughts and they embark on a great escape from the other men within Prentistown who have a great issue with women and power.

The cover opposite isn't the one I own however I love this cover so much more than the others because it coveys the story of the book so well. The only thing missing is 'The Noise' which is what is shown all over the other cover versions.

Lauren DeStefano

The world within Wither where women die at 20 and men die at 25 is absolutely scary. The book itself isn't a thriller or horror but the idea that if I lived within this book's world, I would be dead is horrifying. It's inescapable too as it is the fault of previous generations - they found a cure for cancer and other common diseases however the effects are now that new generations die so young.

Such a great read. I cannot wait to carry on with The Chemical Garden Trilogy by reading Fever this month.

Daughter of Smoke & Bone
Laini Taylor

Daughter of Smoke and Bone is not one of my favourite books however the world building of the Chimaera world opposite the real-world Prague and Marrakech was easily imaginable.

The story follows blue-haired Karou through her normal life at art school as well as her personal life living with the Chimaera. As we discover more of the magical world of the Chimaera, we soon realise that not is all simple for Karou and that external forces are concentrating hard to rid the world of the Chimaera and their magic.

Samantha Durante

Image a world where you can be made to forget who you are - that's Stitch. This story was fantastic at creating a typical university/college environment in which Alessa is focusing on her studies and then she starts to encounter ghostly experiences. This however is all flipped when that world is discovered as false and the story is actually set within a dystopian world. To tell you anymore about this book would spoil it - just go read it, it's incredible.

Marissa Meyer

Cinder although a story-retelling of Cinderella is nothing you've read before. Imagine a world set in the future where androids and robots co-exist with humans and there is another race which lives on the Moon named Lunars, whose Queen is adamant she will rule over Earth as well as the Moon. Such as fantastic book and loved the old decorative Turkish and Chinese style buildings blended with modern technology.

Vampire Academy
Richelle Mead

Not your typical vampire story. Guardians, good vampires and bad vampires are all in the mix and I love the vampires Russian/Eastern European heritage. Vampire Academy also introduces such strong aspects within its pages which I am so excited to explore further in the second book, Frostbite.

Super Six Sunday is a meme created by Bewitched Bookworms

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