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Insurgent Book Review - Divergent Trilogy

New to the Divergent Trilogy? I've also reviewed book one in the series, Divergent.

Insurgent by Veronica Roth is the second book from the Divergent Trilogy. In Insurgent the story continues and we discover more about a faction-lead world, where a faction's way of life must be followed or you face a life of being alone, without shelter, food or aid - the life of the 'factionless'.

Warning! If you don't wish to know some of the storyline from Divergent or Insurgent please skip to the last paragraph for my overall thoughts from the book.

Insurgent starts off right where Divergent ends. We ride the train with Tris, Tobias, Martin and Caleb towards safety, the Amity faction near the outskirts of the city and Tris comes to terms with the loss of her mother and father in a war started by Erudite for power and knowledge. Tris is also guilt-ridden from murdering her friend, Will - it was either her life or his! The faction-lead world is crumbling, the Dauntless faction has been spilt, half have joined Erudite in their pursuit for domination over all factions, and the other half have fled hoping to forget about the Abnegation deaths they took whilst under Jeannie's simulation serum which turned them into her controllable army. Only Candor and Amity have been able to stay safe and uninvolved in the war, but that all changes within Insurgent.

Insurgent continues the amazing story that begin in Divergent and constantly evolves the storyline wth constant plot twists throughout. Thank goodness my work desk isn't in view of anyone at work otherwise I'd be explaining some shocked faces I've pulled whilst  reading Insurgent during my lunch break. Without giving a big spoiler away all I'll say is Tris cannot trust everyone in her life, one family member or friend is not on the same side as her!

Overall, Insurgent was a fantastic read and just as compelling as Divergent. The story never had a dull moment and I struggled most lunchtimes to stop reading and get back to work! I can't believe that I now have to patiently wait until Autumn for the final book in the Divergent Trilogy to be published. Oh the pain! 22nd October 2013 is already marked on my calendar though, fingers crossed the UK launch date is the same as the USA one that's advertised. 

Have you read Divergent? Insurgent? What are thoughts on the story?
What is your favourite moment? Favourite character?
Leave your comments below ^_^

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