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A Day At The Office
Matt Dunn

Julie kissed Mark at the office Christmas party. She doesn't seem to remember, but he's not been able to forget. What better day to jog her memory than Valentine's Day?

Calum's found the girl of his dreams on the internet. Trouble is, he's not been completely honest about himself. Tonight he's meeting her for the first time. But will it also be the last?

Nathan's organised his usual Anti-Valentine's party for the office singletons. Sophie's going - again. Though this year, if she gets her way, they might just be leaving together.

One office. Five lives. On the most romantic day of the year.

A Day At The Office is the latest novel from best-selling romantic comedy novelist Matt Dunn, author of The Ex-Boyfriend's Handbook.

Recommended for those who enjoy:
the 'i heart' series by Lindsey Kelk, love, romance, humour, blossoming love, failure at love, funny moments, bitch-fights, love triangles

Cold Tea and Crumbs rating:  ★★★

My thoughts:
Love Actually meets Valentine's Day.

This book is a brilliant and witty read and tells an 'out of love' story well without desperation and wallowing being the main aspect of the story. I'm not usually into 'searching for love' stories as I get frustrated with moaning characters that haven't found 'the one' however this story wasn't like that at all. Yes the characters were all unhappy and 'out of love' but the telling of the story added so much lightness and humour to this element of the story that even I was able to enjoy it.

The mix ups and situations which occur in the book are fantastic. My favourite scene being when Sophie is bra shopping and her shop assistant is very 'helpful' ^_^ Another great aspect of this book is the London setting and from having worked around that area for a while myself, I found myself reminiscing of my experiences and you can definitely tell it's written by a London lover.

This book had me constantly laughing out loud and I think it would make a good movie, a la Love Actually. Definitely worth a read if you're looking for something light and funny.

Over to you:
Have you read A Day At The Office, what did you think of it? Enjoyed reading it or disliked it?
What are your thoughts about multiple perspective books?

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