Blogger Interview with Samantha from The Secret Life of a Bookworm (Interview #8)

Hi fellow readers and welcome back for another booktuber/blogger interview.

Welcome back for the second interview in 2014 this week. This time I'd like to introduce you to Samantha a Blogger (The Secret Life of a Bookworm), BookTuber (SamanthaStewart93) and general readaholic. This girl can read! Samantha easily gets through 10+ books a month and usually writes and films reviews for every book she reads. I think it's fair to say that Samantha wins the award for 'Top Reviewer'! Definitely check out her blog, you'll find me there frequently because Samantha has the best reviews! Here are Samantha's answers to the BookTuber/Blogger Interview Questions. Enjoy.

Please describe your channel and the type of books which you enjoy reading.
My channel is solely about books. It’s a place where I can share my thoughts on books and talk to people about books. It’s also where I can post book hauls and get recommendations on books. I also like doing wrap up/TBR videos even though I generally don’t stick to them – but I do like to at least have some sort of plan. Generally, I tend to read mostly YA/Teenage/Children’s fiction. When it comes to specific genres in those categories, I’m not too picky, I’ll generally read anything. But, my favourite genres have to be: Dystopian, Sci-Fi, Contemporary & Fantasy. I do occasionally read Adult Fiction, but it’s mostly been chick-lit so far (which I am trying to change!).

What made you decide to start your channel and what are the main reasons you keep making videos?
Before I started making videos, I started my blog. I’d been watching booktube videos for a couple of months and I really wanted to start one, but I was pretty scared so I decided to go with a blog to start with. And then when my blog started gaining followers, I decided to start my channel! I started off with a book haul (because it seemed like the least scary video to film) and ever since then I’ve never looked back. The main reason I keep making videos is definitely my subscribers. I love interacting with them and reading their comments on my videos. It makes me really happy and that’s what keeps me making videos.

What is your favourite book?
Just one single favourite book? Why did you have to make this so hard, Sam! Well, if I’m only allowed one I’m going to slightly cheat and go with Harry Potter by J K Rowling. This series basically made up my whole childhood. I read and re-read these books non-stop when I was younger. I think I used to go through the series like 3 times a year. I spent most of my childhood playing Harry Potter as well. Harry Potter has to be my favourite series because it built up my whole childhood and I’m pretty sure it cemented my love for reading. Sure, I read before Harry Potter, but definitely not as much.

If you could read one genre for the rest of your life, which genre would you choose?
When I first thought about this question I instantly thought dystopian, but then I thought I might get slightly bored with that genre since I’ve read a lot of dystopians already, so I’ve decided to go with Fantasy. Fantasy is such a broad genre and there are so many different things that fall under it so I don’t think I could ever get bored reading it and I think I’d be pretty happy reading that genre for the rest of my life.

If you could live in any book world created, which would you choose?
Harry Potter, duh. Seriously, how freaking awesome would it be to go to Hogwarts and do Potions, Defence Against the Dark Arts, and a whole lot of other awesome stuff like play Quidditch and visit Hogsmeade & Diagon Alley? I honestly can’t imagine any world that could be better than this. 

What has been your best/favourite booktubing moment so far and why?
It has to be when I reached 1000 subscribers. I honestly never imagined having that many people subscribing to my channel and it just makes me so happy that people are actually watching my videos. I love each and every one of my wonderful subscribers <3

Where do you store/show-off your books and how many do you own in total?
I keep my books in the two IKEA bookcases I have in my room. I used to only have one, but the amount of books I have seems to have doubled in a year. As for how many I have, well I have 434 physical books and I have no idea how many books I have on my kindle but I know it’s a lot.

Where is your usual place to read and what would your dream reading place look like?
Generally I just tend to read in my bed in my room because there are always other people in the other rooms. If everyone’s out I’ll sometimes go down to the living room to read, but I prefer to read in my bed.
My perfect reading place would definitely have to be a window seat that has a lot of comfy pillows and a cosy throw so that I could curl up and read and also have a great view out of the window. I’ve wanted a window seat ever since I was young, but none of the houses I’ve ever lived in have had anything close to one. I’m determined to have one one day.  

Lastly, which blogs/channels can we usually find you stalking when you're not creating content for your own channel?
Well, I know there are a lot of booktubers that I love and ones that I check out every video they post (it may be a week or two later or something because sometimes I get really lazy, but I will get to them!). Katie (Kitkatscanread); Samantha (ColdTeaAndCrumbs); Catriona (Little Book Owl); Heather (Bookables); Marline (marlinelina) & Jen (TodayinJensLibrary). I’m pretty sure there are more, but these are the ones I can remember off the top of my head. 
Samantha x

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