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The Forbidden Library 
Django Wexler
Genres: Fantasy
Age Group: Middle Grade
Publication Date: 10th April 2014
Number of Pages: 336
Source: Netgalley

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Do you remember the first time you climbed into the wardrobe with Lucy and emerged in Narnia? Flew on the back of Falkor the Luck Dragon with Bastian? Followed Alice down the rabbit hole? Welcome to your new favourite adventure.

Late one night Alice Creighton hears her father having an argument with a fairy - a snarling, bald beast with warts and needle-like teeth. It is threatening her father, insisting he accept a mysterious offer, or else.

When Alice's father goes down in a shipwreck, she is sent away to live with distant relative Mr Geryon, owner of a huge, dark library that is off limits to Alice. After meeting a talking cat who is willing to sneak her in, Alice opens a book and suddenly finds herself inside it - and the only way out is by conquering the dangerous creatures within. Alice has stumbled into a world where all of magic is controlled by Readers through books - she must open more books, face increasingly powerful foes, be the lead character in the quest to find a happy ending.

The Forbidden Library is an enthralling  adventurous story of a young girl discovering a magical world where reading is power. 

Alice is a 12 year old whose coming to terms with the disappearance of her father - but Alice knows the truth, her father was mixed up in some mysterious magical mayhem. Before his disappearance, Alice overheard a conversation between her father and a monstrous looking fairy which suggested that the fairy had a sinister plan which involved their family. Only days after this conversation, Alice's father disappeared and Alice makes it her mission to hunt down that fairy and find out what led to her father's disappearance!

Along the way, Alice discovers the magical world hidden to most humans which includes fairies, talking cats and dragons. She explores dark and dangerous worlds in order to discover the truth behind her father's disappearance and  consequently finds out that she has magical powers of her own as a 'Reader' - someone who can enter books and became part of the story just by reading a few words.

The Forbidden Library was a magically adventurous Middle Grade fantasy book which beautifully described the settings and monsters involved within the story. The illustrations add a lot of depth to the writings and further help imagine this magical world.

The Forbidden Library is one of those stories which can be enjoyed by both children, teenagers and adults alike.

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