Halfway Update | 30 Day Reading Challenge | #30DayRead

Halfway Update
Day 15

Hi everyone. I hope you are all well.

Just a little update from me today about my #30DayRead Reading Challenge Progress. As you may (or may not) remember when I posted my #30DayRead List post I challenged myself to read 100 pages per day. Not only have I been working my way rather successfully through my average of 100 pages each day - believe me some days I fail but I luckily make the pages up on the weekend - but I've also found so many more booktubers through doing this challenge and had some good old chinwags too ^_^

If you want to catch up with my weekly updates, you'll find them via the videos below.

My progress looks like this so far:
15 Days in my total number of pages = 1463/3000. Only 47 pages behind my target.

Finished books:
The Selection = 339 pages
City of Ashes = 453 pages (Book review coming soon)
Stitch = 314 pages (Book review coming soon)

Books currently reading:
Wither = 225 pages so far
Daughter of Smoke and Bone Audiobook = 120 pages so far

I've read so many incredible books during this challenge and it's spurred be on through a mini reading slump as well as some stressful days at work. I can't wait to continue to progress towards my goal for #30DayRead and because I've enjoyed this challenge so much I'm also participating in BookTube-A-Thon which is a week long reading challenge started on YouTube.

Hope everyone else who has been participating in #30DayRead is also doing well and staying on target. Feel free to leave any comments below about your progress. I always love to hear how other people are doing ^_^

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