BookTuber/Book Blogger Interview with Nadia Reads (Interview #12)

Hi fellow readers and welcome back for another booktuber/blogger interview.

This fortnight's booktuber/blogger is Nadia from NadiaReads, the linguist master - seriously she speaks like a million languages! Nadia does a great job at mixing her language skills with her love for books and includes videos in different language (see her Book Lover's Survey in Greek - with subtitles video). Here's Nadia's answers to the BookTuber/Blogger Interview Questions. Enjoy.

Please describe your channel and the type of books which you enjoy reading.
My channel is, of course, all about books! I usually do wrap up videos, tags, hauls, to-be-reads, reviews etc. I’ve also started doing some discussion videos, which I enjoyed very much and plan to do more in the future! I mostly read Young Adult books (Surprise! Surprise!). It’s a genre that I’d been reading even before I started booktubing, but got a lot more into it since I started. It’s hard to say no when everyone is talking about how amazing a book is!

What made you decide to start your channel and what are the main reasons you keep making videos?
I started almost a year ago, shortly after I actually found out about it. As most Booktubers, I accidentally stumbled upon that part of Youtube, instantly fell in love with it and a few days later decided I want to make my own videos. I hadn’t even searched into it yet and at first I had planned to only make reviews on my channel. That changed not too long after, of course.  
After that I also discovered book blogging and got into that, so by now I’m so deep inside this world filled with crazy book fans that I can’t find my way out! Not that I want to, of course! I love interacting with other booktubers / book bloggers from all around the world and finding out about new books and adding them to my ever-growing to-be-read list.

What is your favourite book?
My all-time favorite would probably be Harry Potter by J.K. Rowling, because it’s the one that really started my insane love for books. There are so many other books that I adore, though! Some of them are Incarnate by Jodi Meadows, 1984 by George Orwell, Angelfall by Susan Ee, the list goes on and on...

If you could read one genre for the rest of your life, which genre would you choose?
I would probably pick Young Adult Fantasy. Even though I’ve been reading many different YA genres lately, fantasy is the one that I always fall back into. I prefer it to Dystopian because it keeps one foot in the real world, so to say, which makes it easier for me to relate to.

If you could live in any book world created, which would you choose?
Oh, dear! I’d probably avoid all those crazy dystopian worlds. The possibilities of dying are too high for me... Hell, I’d even stay away from most fantasy worlds! I don’t need any vampires or bloodthirsty zombies hunting me! Maybe I would go with something like Pivot Point by Kasie West. It’s quite similar to the normal world, but with a few paranormal elements here and there to make it more interesting!

What has been your best/favourite booktubing moment so far and why?
Oh there are so many of them! One of them would definitely be doing a liveshow along with Ivymuse, marlinelina and Helene Jeppesen. It was something I was scared to do, because I can’t always think of things to say on the spot, but it turned out great and I loved interacting with those ladies!

Where do you store/show-off your books and how many do you own in total?
I actually have some of them in my mom’s house, some in my dad’s and some in my own. It’s a bit annoying and I’ve been trying to get them all to my own place, but books are heavy and I can’t transport a lot of them at once. According to Goodreads I have a total of 120 books.

Where is your usual place to read and what would your dream reading place look like?
My usual place is on my couch or on my bed. In the summer I also love reading on the beach!My dream reading place would probably look kind of like the photo opposite.

Lastly, which blogs/channels can we usually find you stalking when you're not creating content for your own channel?
Some of the blogs are: Nose Graze, What Comes Next, Gypsy Reviews and Cuddlebuggery.

And some of the Booktubers: Katytastic, Megan Olivier, MegaMad4Books, mysecretbookclub, polandbananasBOOKS and of course ColdTeaAndCrumbs
Thanks so much for having me over Samantha!
Many hugs from Greece,

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Thanks Nadia for taking part in my BookTuber/Book Blogger series.
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