FridayReads #1

Hello again,

Firstly, you may notice there's been a little change on this blog today and that is because I am making some design and template changes over this weekend to make Cold Tea and Crumbs more simple yet decorative and also add more great functions to make following this blog simpler.

Anyways, back to the main reason for this post - I'm going to be starting a number of series on this blog, one of which being Friday Reads. Now I don't know if I'll be posting this every week as some weekends I'm busy and won't have time to read but most weekends I should at least be able to read for a couple of hours so all being well these posts should be pretty regular.

#FridayReads was a trend started on twitter and has since found its way over to blogs and YouTube and of course it's all about what you're going to be reading over the weekend. So to jump right into it, the books that I'm going to be reading this weekend are:

BlackMoon Beginnings

What to know more, just watch this short video I made with more details about this books:

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